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Practice Areas: Patents

Preparation and Prosecution

We have considerable experience and expertise in preparing and prosecuting patent applications.  We take pride in our ability to get up to speed and understand your invention quickly and efficiently.  Our attorneys have diverse technical backgrounds and experience in preparing and prosecuting patent applications in a wide variety of technical fields including:

  • Mechanical Arts
  • Electrical Arts
  • Chemical/Chemical Engineering
  • Computer Technology
  • Biological Arts
  • Business Methods
  • Designs

We take a determined but pragmatic approach to prosecuting patent applications in an effort to get you the broadest patent protection you are entitled to.

Searches and Freedom to Operate Opinions

We are proponents of conducting relatively thorough patent searches to assist our clients in deciding whether to proceed with the development of their idea or pursue patent protection. We encourage clients to utilize online patent databases to conduct preliminary searches in an effort to identify patent references which may anticipate their invention. However, in most cases a professional search and report addressing patentability and infringement concerns is generally warranted. Online databases which are helpful include:

The US Patent and Trademark Office Website Search Page

Google Patents (which is easier to use for beginners to search US Patents)

Other Patent Services provided include:

  • Patent Infringement Litigation
  • Patent Licenses and Assignments
  • Recording Documents Affecting Title to Patents and Applications
  • Due Diligence Reviews of Patent Portfolios to be Acquired
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Monitoring Your Competitors’ Patent Applications
  • Reexamination of Competitors’ Patents
  • Paying Patent Maintenance Fees and Annuities
  • Coordinating Patent Application Filings in other Countries
  • US Filing Associate for Foreign Law Firms

If you are not sure what service you need or you would like more information about our services, please contact us.